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What is polystyrene?

發布日期:2019-6-13    閱讀數:705

Polystyrene (Polystyrene, abbreviated PS) is defined by the styrene monomer by free radical polymerization reaction of the polymer synthesis, the Japanese name for her team, Noyes, genesis. It is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic plastics, is higher than the glass transition temperature of 100 DEG C, so disposable containers are often used to make all kinds of need to bear the temperature of boiling water, and disposable foam lunch boxes etc..
Polystyrene is easy to process, and has the advantages of transparency, cheapness, rigidity, insulation and good printability. Can be widely used in light industry market, daily decoration, lighting instructions and packaging and so on. In the electrical field is a good insulation materials and insulation materials, can make all kinds of instrument shell, lampshade, optical chemical instrument parts, transparent film, capacitor, dielectric layer and so on.
Can be used in powder and emulsion cosmetics. Used in powder, it has good compressibility, can improve the adhesion of powder. Give skin luster and lubrication, is a substitute for talcum powder and silica dioxide senior filler.

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