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Domestic status of polystyrene

發布日期:2019-6-13    閱讀數:683

1, China's domestic products performance and quality is poor. Can not meet the market requirements of quality and poor performance of Chinese polystyrene products, in addition to foreign investment and joint venture products, products of domestic manufacturers can not meet most of the electronics industry user requirements for the quality and performance of products, to enter this huge market. In the electronic / electrical industry where the demand for polystyrene is the largest, the imported products account for an absolute advantage. Domestic resins are only used in small quantities and can only be used in low-end products. The well-known domestic appliance manufacturers in order to ensure the quality of products, all using imported raw materials or products of foreign joint ventures, even for expanded polystyrene packaging shockproof also usually use imported products or products of the joint venture.
2, the device size is too small, lack of competitiveness. At present, there are nearly 40 polystyrene production plants in China, most of which are less than 30 thousand tons / year, and there are many small devices with a scale of about 10 thousand tons / year. Capacity to reach 100 thousand tons / year, only 5 factories. The small device not only can not compare with the advanced large-scale production equipment, but also has higher production cost, and is at a disadvantage in the market competition.
3, raw material supply is insufficient, device operation rate is low. And the rapid development of polystyrene production is not suited to, its raw material production of styrene is relatively slow, polystyrene raw material sources are limited, the operating rate is affected. In 1999, China's production capacity of styrene was 846 thousand tons / year, with a yield of 602 thousand tons. Even if all of the polystyrene was used for production, only 43% of the domestic polystyrene production needed could be satisfied. The shortage of raw material supply is one of the major reasons for low operating rate of equipment. In 1999, China's Polystyrene output was about 940 thousand tons, the average operating rate of the equipment was only 67%, and the production capacity was largely idle, which further increased China's dependence on imported polystyrene.

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