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Recommendations for the development of polystyrene

發布日期:2019-6-13    閱讀數:631

1, vigorously develop the production of raw material styrene, and completely solve the problem of lack of polystyrene raw materials. The shortage of raw materials restricts the development of polystyrene production. Therefore, solving the problem of raw material is one of the keys to develop polystyrene production. According to the forecast, to 2005, the domestic polystyrene production capacity will reach 2 million 200 thousand tons in 2010 will reach 3 million tons, the demand of styrene is very large, and the planning of styrene production capacity still can not meet the needs of. The huge demand for polystyrene styrene styrene production development provides a good opportunity to the two major oil and Petrochemical Corporation, the two group is an important domestic styrene producers to provide sufficient raw materials to expand the production capacity of styrene can be for the domestic production of polystyrene, and took the opportunity to occupy the market, obtain good economic benefits. 2, seize the opportunity, and actively occupy the domestic market. In recent years the country to crack down on smuggling, regulate the import, due to cost considerations, some of the original use of imported raw materials and domestic users start looking for can replace imported products on the domestic suppliers, which brings great opportunity for domestic polystyrene production enterprises. Domestic polystyrene manufacturers should seize the opportunity, and strive to improve product performance and quality, and strive to replace the import products in the largest range. In short, as long as appropriate measures are taken, domestic polystyrene production can be well developed. It is not advisable to adopt an attitude of giving up easily.

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